Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1 Bundle without Master Class

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9 Month School training and 300 Video Prophet Training Vault

In this Bundle you will receive the full online- nine month video school and the Emerging Prophets 300 video vault.

Once you have purchased this course you can go to Facebook to log into the private Facebook group you will also have access to. This group is called "Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1"

The Full online-nine month video school is a three videos weekly with three homework assignments given to you in a drip format. One 15-20 minute video is a gifting development video, another 15-20 minute video is a character development video, and a third 40-50 minute video is a core teaching for your development as a prophet. 

The Emerging Prophets 300 Video vault is an amazing bonus giving you access to hundreds of videos from the Emerging Prophets live schools in Fremont and Vacaville. You will hear from many amazing prophets and apostles including Dan McCollam, Georgian Banov, Wendell McGowen, Deborah Crone, and of course the founder of Emerging Prophets Keith Ferrante. 

The Facebook group called Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1 has been created for all students of the Emerging Prophet Year 1 curriculum to help answer any questions they have as they go through there year one journey in Emerging Prophets. This group meets at least once a week online.

Once you've signed up for this course you can click the link below to go to the private Emerging Prophets School Year One Facebook group you'll have access to.
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This Facebook group is for those who have purchased the Emerging Prophets Online School year 1. In this group we meet weekly to answer any questions t...

Your purchase gives you access to these two amazing courses for one year. After that you can renew any of them that you'd like to continue with for a reduced price.

Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1 Bundle without Master Class includes these courses

Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1
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Emerging Prophets 300 Video's Vault
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