Emerging Prophets Online School Year Two

Discovering your prophet's identity, metron, and the distance between the calling and the office for you. | taught by Keith and Heather Ferrante
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Keith and Heather Ferrante
Keith and Heather Ferrante

About the Instructor

Keith and Heather Ferrante have been married for over 20 years, have two wonderful children, and have spent their life bringing people into freedom in God and out of bondage from poverty and religion. 

This course is a continuation of the Emerging Prophets Year One school. In Year One the goal is to discover if you are a prophet. Now that this is settled Year Two of this online school helps you discover your identity as a prophet, discover your metron as a prophet, and learn where you are at between the calling and the office of the prophet.

This course runs on a drip system just like year one. You get three videos a week. 

This course goes with the three Emerging Prophet workbooks that you can purchase at www.emergingprophets.com. The workbooks are:

1. Discovering Your Identity

2. Discovering your Metron

3. Calling to Office Discovery

WE ASK YOU ONLY USE THIS COURSE FOR YOU/ AND A SPOUSE, OR AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER.  If you are interested in running this as a school or for a group of people please send an email to: 


Thank you for joining the Emerging Prophets Movement!! Our Goal is to get prophets healthy so they can be heard!!

Course Contents

108 Videos
40.0 hrs

Course Curriculum