Emerging Prophets Master Class

Discovery, development, and training for deployment of the prophet | taught by Keith Ferrante
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Anita Devi

Activate your destiny!

I came across Keith Ferrante and his EP Course through a 5 day challenge during lock down. Keith is very real and authentic in the way he teaches and presents materials. He is also very generous with his time, his knowledge and wisdom. He has a...


The Kingdom

I belong to the King of King

Shannon Davis

Best investment in prophetic health.

Life changing content. My kids lives are forever blessed. This course will teach you how to prophesy like a prophet. There is a difference between the spirit of prophecy, and the office of prophet. Find out where you really are today.

Anita Devi

I came across Keith Ferrante and his EP Course through a 5 day challenge during lock down. Keith is very real and authentic in the way he teaches and presents materials. He is also very generous with his time, his knowledge and wisdom. He has a...


I belong to the King of King

Shannon Davis

Life changing content. My kids lives are forever blessed. This course will teach you how to prophesy like a prophet. There is a difference between the spirit of prophecy, and the office of prophet. Find out where you really are today.

Aida Soultanian

Thank you for sharing. I wish I knew you 25 years ago. This is the key to understand what is happening in us. This teaching exhilarated everything in me. I forgive those leaders who did not know this. They did not know what they do. We bless them ...

fayth Loy

Adrienne Watt

Very good very informative I like the words used because they show the grace and kindness of God. I really liked this and took many notes.

Lorraine King

This gave me good overview of what to expect in this class. It is exciting and I want to jump right in and take the first step into this amazing journey!

Cynthia Hill-Love

Looking forward to this! Big investment in myself at this time but I just can't keep living with regrets that I didn't even try.

pam hoffman

I just finished watching the intro video by Keith F. I'm excited to get to work. I'm excited to develop the gift that God has placed within me. and from the information in this video, I believe I will know what my calling is for sure.

Jenny Hockley

Clear articulation of the subject

Mercina Karbowski

This is exactly what I hoped for and needed to hear. This is my tribe. The Lord has been showing me that His revelation goes from glory to glory, not only individually, but also in creation. The Victorious Eschatology is a game changer. I am so gr...

Brian Larson

So succinct and so well spoken. Brief but all inclusive. Gets right down to what God's heart is for us and how He sees us. A perfect foundation for us to start our ministry as prophets of His word.

Virginia de La Hamayde

Excellent introduction and anchor place to start discovering and reflecting on motivations to be in the office of a prophet. I particularly like the development mountain as it gives structure to consider my current position reorientate myself and ...

Teresa Sotelo

Emerging Prophets Master class is so exciting and a wealth of Kingdom knowledge. The wisdom from Keith's years in the Prophetic ministry is priceless. I am thankful to God that He lead me to this class.

Kate Parkes

Very informative instructions on what this Master Class is about . What Keith Shared has hit home with me as well as several others when we have asked God , asked ourselves and heard from others that we have prophetic gifts . Years ago I knew I ha...

Bonnie Englehart

While listening to each level, Holy Spirit was doing recall with me. Areas we have already worked on and areas we need more work. This format of teaching made learning easier. Like reading The Passion Translation instead of King James. Both are v...

Susanne MacNeil

I liked where you said prophetic people need friends. I am finally being intentional to find friends and mentors. WHOOHOO! this is huge for me. I need to lighten up which I have some what since being in EP! I was so suspicious of people picking up...

connie batesole

Challenging and Hope giving. What does it look like to opt for working as a "team prophet " vs a "stand alone"? Royalty training, posturing as an influencer. Excellent topics to ponder and activate. I learned so much. It is enlightening to cons...

Pamela Pertillar

Great content. Very much needed for prophets to understand their worth so that they can deliver more in depth prophecies.

Diane Sandberg

This teaching is meeting me right where I'm at today. In community & experiencing not being heard, then not in agreement with how leadership has handled a situation within the church family. To be honest struggled with wanting to go back to...

Poppy Phillips

Keith's life experiences are priceless and practical for all of us to learn in an accelerated way hopefully avoiding the pain of trial and error. I am so impressed that he chose to learn and assess instead of letting some of his snags derail him. ...

sherrie moore

I have been walking with the Lord for a few decades now and was called as a prophet early in my walk in a season that many did not know what a current day prophet was OR how to pastor one. The journey has been long, long, long and I had to learn t...

Candace Penley

Just amazing teaching - the joy of the Lord was all over this for me!!

gail mosher

What an amazing, life-changing series. Abundant superlatives are in order! Powerful and Fun. Keith thank you for who you are, the pouring out of yourself to so many, the safety you provide and the confidence you instill. Let's not forget all the p...

Connie Russell

Even with only 10% through this course; I have learned so much about myself to make so many good changes. This course is so worth the cost. It truly is life giving in so many ways. I’ve seen nothing like the teachings I’ve had here.

Susan Duncan


Allison Albaijes

Lynn Busby

I found this so helpful. It was great to be told to have boundaries around my gifting. I don't have to prophesy just because people want me to do so. To be reassured as a prophet I AM the gift in my personhood the gifting is between me and God and...

Hank Fontecilla

Kieth, I have enjoyed the classes that I have listen to through the course. It has help me get rid of some more religious doctrinal things that I’ve had instilled over the years. This is such a great way to receive And learn. It is truly helpi...

Chad Gillihan

I am enjoying this course tremendously !! Keith, your heart of genuine care and concern for the material and the prophetic ministry shines brightly throughout each lesson !!

Colleen Alvarez

This is so refreshing!!! I felt as if Keith was explaining every experience and feeling I had and have. Since I joined Emerging Prophets,I have had huge break through, with in a week!!!! I no longer feel alone, when I am not.

Steven Tyrer

I wish I would have heard these teachings years ago! It would have saved me from a lot of mistakes and heartache. I am just getting started being only 20% complete and theses teachings have already shown me areas of my life that need maturing and ...

Susan Patruska

Much needed encouragement. Clear and direct. Message on community hit home - helped to realign mind set and understand its importance.

Amanda Jane

Emerging Prophets Master class has been life changing! The teaching in this course has brought revelation and impartation in many different areas that I needed to grow in, it allowed me to reflect on where my setbacks and downfalls have been, what...

Ed Zenner

enjoyed, now I see a clearer of being healthy in how and when to speak

Danette Shepherd

Sherry Greth

Keith takes you on a journey to learn where you are at on your prophetic or spiritual path. You can expect to see yourself with clarity, and learn what it takes to become spiritually healthy. If you are looking to go higher in the gifting of pro...

Lynz Piper-Loomis

Keith Ferrante has poured his spirit of love, joy, honor, & knowledge into this program. I have learned extensively so much with Keith’s teaching and from others in the program. God’s heart and Hisblove is at the center of this program! I h...

Rebecca King

This is such an encouraging course - together with the workbooks that I have ordered and started. The whole thing gives a much broader scope for the prophet, something that I have been working on and looking at in my own role as a prophet and equ...

nancy young

Keith Ferrante
Keith Ferrante

About the Instructor

Keith Ferrante trains prophets, business people and influencers. His passion is to help raise up a generation of financially sustained kingdom ministers who bring revival and reformation to the church and the Kingdoms of this world. 


The Emerging Prophets Master Class is three things: Immersion into the 16 core teachings of the Emerging Prophets Training Program; A place to ask Keith Ferrante questions regarding your prophet development; Connection with other developing prophets.

You will receive a growing archive of amazing video training's and then access to a private weekly Facebook live group where we discuss the key issues in these videos in greater detail. 

(Because we so believe in this training and what it does for people If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can have a full refund up until one week after the date you purchased this amazing Master Class for Emerging Prophets.)

Here's what people are saying about the Master Class:

Danette Shepherd "I've only been in the Emerging Prophets Masterclass for 4-5 months or so, but there is so much fire in this class. I highly recommend it to anyone! You can't put a price on the "meat" of the teaching in the masterclass, not to mention the friendships and the community that it brings!!"

Darleen Sobota, "This course has given me more freedom, confidence, joy, and an upgrade.  Thanks Keith!"

Veronica Ruiz, "Being able to do Ep together with my husband has done so much for us and our marriage! Thank you Keith for letting us do it together!"

Felix Manzanares (Cayman Islands), "EP Class has been life changing ...invest into yourself!"

Dawn Jones (Texas) says, Keith Ferrante and the Emerging Prophets program are the sole reasons I'm personally experiencing the best emotional and spiritual health in my life.  I recognized the need to grow in specific areas but did not find the breakthroughs until Keith uncovered the disconnects and pointed the way to greater health and wholeness in his program."

Once you have purchased the Master Class then you can go to the link below or in the email where you will be added to the private Facebook page where we meet weekly, Wednesday 9:30 Am PST for an hour (Occasionally that time changes). You can ask questions and interact with the EP team and other Emerging Prophets from around the world on this private Facebook group page. You can also access these Facebook live interactions in the Facebook group archives at any other time if you are unable to attend the live interactions on Tuesday. 

Go To (Emerging Prophets Master Class) on Facebook under groups once you've purchased this course in order to be added to the private Facebook group. 

Emerging Prophets Master Class
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A group where emerging prophets discover who they are as a prophetic person, are developed towards their call, and find a community of other likeminde...

Finally the Master Class is an avenue to long-term online community with other emerging prophets. If you want to connect with other Emerging Prophets around the world this is a great way to do it. We cycle through the 16 main core teachings on this master class but there are many other things we share and relationships start growing from within this group. We'd love to have you join us!!

This price gives you access to this group for 1 year. You can renew your access to this group after a year for a reduced price.

Course Contents

126 Videos

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Emerging Prophets
Section 4: Theology of the New Covenant Prophet
Section 5: Discovering Your Prophetic Identity and Assignment
Prophetic Words
Core Teachings