Prophetic Consulting Certification Course

This course takes you step by step through the EP prophetic consulting methodology. | taught by Keith Ferrante
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Keith Ferrante
Keith Ferrante

About the Instructor

Keith Ferrante trains prophets, business people and influencers. His passion is to help raise up a generation of financially sustained kingdom ministers who bring revival and reformation to the church and the Kingdoms of this world. 

This is the Emerging Prophets Prophetic Consulting Certification program. 

What you get in this course. 

Specific training with Keith Ferrante in pre-recorded videos training you how to do consulting the way God taught him. 

This course prepares you for the certification test if you want to be certified as an Ep prophetic Consultant. 

In order to pass the test you will also need to complete some other requirements:

Watch the 9 month online school video program or go to a 9 month local EP school and be able to articulate the heart of that program during the test. 

Have completed 6 paid consultations with clients you find. 

Read two books: There must be more and Unlocking an Abundant Mindset and send in a book report about each one. Questions about these books will also will be on the certification test.

Go through at least one 16 week cycle in the Facebook Emerging Prophets masterclass. 

Going through all of this content and doing the homework and test is not a guarantee of being certified as an EP Prophetic Consultant. You need to demonstrate the heartbeat of EP and be walking in the prophetic consulting methodology to pass. We will have an interview with you at the end of the course where you will do a consultation with the interviewer as well as be asked questions in regards to your EP training, relationships around you, etc. We are looking for healthy Emerging Prophets who have the heartbeat of EP and the Certification program to be certified with us. 

When you join this certification program you will get:

1. Prophetic Consulting Certification program

2. Year long Emerging Prophets Master Class access. Or a year extension of your masterclass program if you are already in the masterclass. 

3. 9 month online Emerging Prophets Video Program

4. 30 Minute Interview with a Prophetic Consulting Interviewer 

5. Prophetic Consulting Test (Once all requirements are completed)

Testimony from Emerging Prophet Consultant Curtis Hill:

"I'm in a pickle. The business that I am working for as a prophetic consultant is getting in the way of being in the weekly online EP trainings. By the end of this month I will have made enough money through this one client to pay for the entire certification program. The fruit that is coming from this is unbelievable. I'm literally getting words of knowledge for his employees and God is healing them. We are even baptizing one of his employees. This is just one open door that has come from joining EP certification."

Testimony from Emerging Prophets certified prophetic consultant, Dawn Jones. 

"Keith Ferrante and the Emerging Prophets program are the sole reasons I'm personally experiencing the best emotional and spiritual health in my life.  I recognized the need to grow in specific areas but did not find the breakthroughs until Keith uncovered the disconnects and pointed the way to greater health and wholeness in his program."

Course Contents

14 Videos