Emerging Prophets Certification Program One Time Payment

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Equipping in coaching, training, or directing a prophetic ministry.

In this certification program you will receive all you need to be ready to pass the Emerging Prophets certification exam. There are three areas you can be certified in. 

1. Emerging Prophets Consultant

2. Emerging Prophets Trainer

3. Emerging Prophets Ministry Director

For the consulting track you will learn everything you need to know to be a prophetic consultant and how to effectively market your consulting. 

For the Emerging Prophets trainer track you will learn the EP messages and how to communicate them, you will learn how to communicate your own messages, you will also learn how to run an EP school and also how to effectively market in this area.

For the Emerging Prophets Ministry Director track you will learn how to build your own prophetic ministry and market your ministry so that your ministry can go to the next level in reaching the people you are called to reach. 

What's included in this course:

1. Year 1 Emerging Prophets Online School Curriculum

2.  Emerging Prophets Master Class Course 

3. Emerging Prophets Certification Course

Bonus: Unlocking an Abundant Mindset Course.

This is a nine-month program that prepares you to take the certification exam so that you can be a representative of Emerging Prophets in one or several of the three certification areas. This program is not a guarantee of being given the Emerging Prophets Certification in one of these three areas. You still have to pass the exam at the end of the 9 months as well as pass the interviewing process and demonstrate mastery of the Emerging Prophets values and heartbeat as well as have the character necessary. We will teach you everything that is needed to be ready for the certification. (You can take the certification test in one area after three months if you are ready and have met all the requirements for that certification)

In this first 9 month course you will be trained in all three areas. 

Each week we will meet weekly online on a zoom call to walk you step by step through being prepared for each of the 3 areas above. 

As apart of your training you will have access to the 1st yr online school programs as well as the master class program.

You will write a one page book report on 6 EP books:

1. There Must Be More

2. Unlocking an Abundant Mindset

3. Embracing the Emerging Prophets

4. The Happy Prophet

5. New Covenant Prophets

6. Restoring the Fathers Heart

Here are a few things you will need to have checked off to complete your certification in these three areas. 

Certification Checklist:
1.6 one-page book reports (There must be more, Unlocking an Abundant Mindset, Embracing the Emerging Prophets, The Happy Prophet, New Covenant Prophet, Restoring the Fathers heart.)
2.Completed year one Ep School (Online or local)
3.Complete 6 consultations using the consulting method we have taught you. You must find 6 clients to do these on.  (2 must be Videoed and sent in for review)
4.Develop and present Your Own Prophetic Ministry Plan
5.Train 6 Ep Content sessions (2 must be videoed and sent in for review)
6.Pass the Certification Written Test (This test will help us understand if you have mastered the Emerging Prophet value system as well as the skills in each of the three certification areas)
7.Interview with Keith Ferrante or EP representative after you have taken your certification test.

There will be other things for this checklist but this will get you on the right track. 

Unfortunately there is a no-return policy to this training. Once you have purchased the course you will not be able to return the course or ask for your money back for any reason because of the nature of the course and the pertinent information you will have access to  immediately. 

This is where you will purchase the course and get started on your journey towards being certified as an Emerging prophets consultant, Trainer, and/or Emerging Prophets Ministry Director.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you towards your goal.


Keith Ferrante

Testimony from Emerging Prophets certified prophetic consultant, Dawn Jones.  Keith Ferrante and the Emerging Prophets program are the sole reasons I'm personally experiencing the best emotional and spiritual health in my life.  I recognized the need to grow in specific areas but did not find the breakthroughs until Keith uncovered the disconnects and pointed the way to greater health and wholeness in his program.

Emerging Prophets Certification Program One Time Payment includes these courses

Emerging Prophets Online School Year 1 without drip
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Unlocking an Abundant Mindset
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Emerging Prophets Master Class
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Certification Course
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